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Why you can trust Tech Data to help you keep pace with technology change

Posted: 5 March 2018 By: Tech Data Advanced Solutions Categories: Tech Data Value

For everyone involved in training at Tech Data, it was great to hear that the company had been named as one of the 2017 Top 20 IT Training Companies by Training Industry, Inc. It is also good news for all our partners and customers.

As the official press release noted, Tech Data provides certified IT training in more than 60 countries, so we really are a credible and global force when it comes to partner education.

Indeed, what is now known as the Tech Data Academy has been recognised in this way for the past six years. With all this strength and experience now being aligned with the knowledge and resources in sales training that we have within Tech Data Europe, we are becoming even stronger.

Knowledge is critical in today’s market and with so many emerging technologies – from hybrid cloud solutions and software-defined data centres, to IoT and data analytics and machine learning – keeping pace with change is a massive and never-ending challenge.

Having access to focused expertise and knowledge development resources from a trusted advisor is going to become even more important to channel companies. And Tech Data will make sure you have that that by continuing to invest in providing the very latest and best technical and sales training through the Tech Data Channel Academy across the whole spectrum of core and emerging technologies.

Having a clear understanding of solutions and technologies and how they can be productively deployed and managed is vital to the further strength and prosperity of the industry. With the long heritage and global pedigree that we have in IT training, you can trust Tech Data to deliver the knowledge development you need to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies and solutions.

To read the press release on the global training award, click here.

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