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Transform to a hybrid, on-demand IT infrastructure with HPE Virtual Performance Viewer (vPV)

Posted: 23 September 2015 By: Anna De Santis Categories:

When your customers are building the foundations for transitioning their business to compete successfully in today’s digital world, their IT infrastructure will need to support changing business demands dynamically and deliver real business value instantly and continuously. Moving to a hybrid envrionment that uses virtualisation and cloud to optimise flexibility whilst controlling cost and complexity is the answer for many organisations. But how can your customers ensure that they optimise the performance of their physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure, 24x7?

HPE Virtual Performance Viewer (vPV) is a heterogeneous virtualisation and cloud ready, enterprise-class software solution for performance and capacity management across physical, virtualised and cloud environments. It can help to quickly troubleshoot performance issues, optimise the IT environment, and forecast the required capacity - helping your customers to maintain the fine balance between ensuring high operational efficiency whilst keeping control over costs through optimised utilisation. Key features include:

  • Unified dashboard: Monitor performance, capacity, and IT health at-a-glance, with unified insight and automation

  • Capacity optimisation: Plan for growth and optimise placement with historical usage data, forecasting, and ‘what-if’ modelling

  • Performance management: Quickly detect and resolve issues with extensive troubleshooting and reporting options

  • Business metric analysis: Create logical groups, extract insights, assess impact, and plan for capacity allocation

  • Resource metre: Manage usage and cost and estimate savings from right-sizing recommendations

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