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Take advantage of HPE all-flash and hybrid flash storage

Posted: 28 January 2018 By: Tech Data Advanced Solutions Categories: Storage

All-flash and hybrid flash storage solutions represent the way forward for IT organisations of all shapes and sizes. Growing in popularity in recent years, thanks to evolving technology and falling costs, the flexibility of flash meets today’s dynamic business needs.

Flash enables faster access, more data analysis, increased transactions and accelerated applications. It’s becoming increasingly competitively priced and easy to manage, which has led to drops in both operating expenses and capital expenditure.

According to IDC’s Worldwide Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, we’re seeing a strong momentum towards flash, especially in Western Europe. All-flash arrays accounted for 17% of total revenue in 2016 Q2, with hybrid-flash accounting for 46%.

By 2020, IDC expects 87% of the total external storage market to be taken up by flash-powered arrays, with 40% of that being all-flash.

If you’re wanting to take advantage of this opportunity and introduce your customers to flash storage, HPE currently offers two solutions, both under $10,000 - meaning even customers with limited storage budgets can access the benefits of flash storage.

HPE StoreVirtual 3200

HPE StoreVirtual 3200 is ideal for SMBs who need to control storage growth and are looking for next-gen storage architecture, affordable scale-up storage, long-term flexibility, resilience and investment protection.

One of the key benefits of HPE StoreVirtual 3200 is its scalability, both in terms of design and cost. Customers can purchase just what they need right now, avoiding large upfront costs, and scale up later. This helps simplify planning and relieves budget pressures.

Customers also benefit from ease of use, as HPE StoreVirtual 3200 is managed from an all-inclusive ‘single pane of glass’ via their browser.

Want to know more? Download your HPE StoreVirtual 3200 competitive battlecard 

HPE MSA 2042

HPE MSA 2042 is perfect for SMBs struggling to consolidate their siloed storage, or customers seeking an entry level hybrid flash solution. It’s also a great option for customers who want to ‘set it and forget it’, thanks to built-in, real-time tiering that dynamically moves constantly used data to flash and less used data to lower-cost media.

HPE MSA 2042 was designed to deliver high performance without compromise. With an efficient I/O engine with plenty of processing power, it’s able to support advanced data services and features without impacting host I/O.

Advanced data services are included as standard, including Performance Tiering, 512 array snapshots and remote replication.

Finally, customers can avoid complex maintenance by replacing batteries through the battery-free cache backup, while the drive spin-down capability decreases wear on idle drives and helps reduce power consumption.

Want to know more? Download your HPE MSA 2042 competitive battlecard.

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