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“Showcasing Success” – How Tech Data Azlan’s Business Solutions Centre Helps Meet Partner and End Customer Needs

Posted: 1 March 2018 By: John Hutchinson Categories: Tech Data Value, Media, News

“Showcasing Success” – How Tech Data Azlan’s Business Solutions Centre Helps Meet Partner and End Customer Needs

by John Hutchinson, HPE EG, DataCenter Solutions and Technology Consultant, TD Azlan


Having access to state-of-the-art demonstration facilities, where they can take end customers to experiment with different technologies is a major selling point for IT resellers. It helps them stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their technical capability; their understanding of customer challenges and their willingness to work collaboratively to deliver practical solutions. It’s even more of a benefit if the facility is provided by a distributor, with the knowledge and resource to help explore customer problems in depth.  


All the above is true of Tech Data Azlan’s Business Solutions Centre (BSC), a multi-purpose resource facility, based at our Heathrow office. In developing BSC, TD Azlan has effectively created a live laboratory environment that enables partners to model, benchmark and evaluate a combination of best-of-breed technology solutions. These are from multiple vendors, and include a wide range of HPE products, some historical and some cutting edge.


With our extensive capability and deep domain knowledge, we can also help resellers design and deliver end-to-end solutions from pre-sales support through to infrastructure optimisation and lifecycle management. This puts us in a strong position to drive enhanced value from the reseller- end-customer engagement process.


Scoping out the Engagement


Where a customer expresses an interest in seeing HPE technology products live in the laboratory, for example, we can help the reseller partner streamline and add value to the process. The fact that we have not previously directly engaged with the customer can be an advantage in this context. It allows us to start with a ‘blank sheet of paper’ effectively, and to bring a fresh perspective to overcoming their challenges. On occasions, we will uncover new problems that they are trying to resolve and we can look across the range of HPE product sets we have in the lab, both independently and indeed in combination with other vendor products, to build a suitable solution.


Often, these kinds of engagement will be post-sale but our ability to offer pre-sales support at the BSC is also highly valued by our resellers partners, who utilise this capability heavily. These sessions are designed as exploratory workshops, and give end users the ability to experience a number

of technologies and to evaluate the benefits of each. Our skilled Azlan consultants are on hand to demonstrate the solutions, answer questions from reseller and end customer alike, and identify potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. 


It’s worth noting also that in addition to the lab itself, the BSC also offers a customer briefing centre, multi-function meeting and training rooms and a reception area. We run product updates and more extensive training sessions on the HPE products as well as broader classroom sessions for resellers to attend around HPE’s key new technologies.


The centre is also accessible remotely or via webinar for customers who are unable to access the Heathrow location. It’s a great resource for us, for vendors like HPE and, of course, for our reseller partners as they engage with end user businesses.



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