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Protect the digital enterprise with HPE Networking solutions

Posted: 23 September 2015 By: Anna De Santis Categories:

The security landscape has changed and your customers are under pressure to manage the emerging risks created by the proliferation of apps and the shift to mobile and cloud - protecting interactions across any location or device. To protect their network and data, organisations need to strengthen their defences and secure interactions across both traditional infrastructure and emerging cloud and mobile platforms.  Whatever their starting point, work with HPE to help your customer develop an end-to-end security and data protection strategy for their business. 

HPE helps organisations take a unified, multilayer approach to security by reducing security holes and risks. Key to this solution is HPE Intelligent Management Center, which provides a single pane of glass to securely visualise and control the network, reduce network exposure and support user authentication.  With the IMC User Access Manager (UAM), customers can enforce uniform security policies and assign consistent access privileges across the entire network. The IMC EAD module provides comprehensive device-admission-control capabilities that help mitigate security risks associated with BYOD. Meanwhile, the IMC User Behaviour Auditor module gives administrators detailed visibility into user activity – enabling them to assess productivity, audit compliance, and isolate security threats.

Investing in HP’s unified wired and wireless technology will also enable your customers to keep a tight control on their network security, whilst benefiting from enabling a mobile workforce. The HPE 800 Series provides integrated wireless intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS) and enables virtual service domains to deploy security policies by department or location. Integrated wireless IDS/IPS detects and blocks wireless threats with predefined policy-based security and enables packet-trigger containment via knowledge-base heuristics. It uses classification and mitigation techniques to block unauthorised wireless traffic without disrupting the performance of authorised wireless devices. Finally, an embedded firewall provides role- or SSID-based access to protect clients from outside attacks and restrict access to specific network resources. 


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