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Learn to benchmark and plan for digital transformation with HPE Pointnext

Posted: 29 November 2017 By: Tech Data Advanced Solutions Categories: Services

In a world where good ideas can quickly transform into new business opportunities, speed and agility couldn’t be more important. If businesses want to succeed in dynamic global markets, it’s vital that they have the ability to innovate quickly and accelerate their time to value.

When it comes to digital transformation, businesses need a clear, well-thought-out strategy if they’re going to achieve their goals. The International Data Corporation (IDC), believes that “enterprises will either become adept at digital transformation and thrive in the market or fail to master the disciplines and struggle to survive.”

To succeed with digital transformation initiatives, organisations need to assess their current stage of maturity - identifying areas and capabilities that require strengthening. They should also aim to evaluate their internal capabilities and maximise existing and potential third-party relationships.

Risks and opportunities for partners

With businesses evaluating their internal capabilities and third-party relationships, this presents both a risk and an opportunity for Tech Data’s HPE partners. 

When planning digital transformation initiatives, organisations are going to look for the most capable IT solution providers to work with. Partners that aren’t digital enabled and aware run the risk of losing even their most loyal customers to competitors better placed to provide the support and advice needed.

However, if you can provide the strategic support that customers are looking for, you’ll find yourself in a position of strength and able to form long-term, profitable business relationships.

Benchmarking digital transformation performance

In IDC’s ‘Digital Transformation Trends in IT Services’ report, the various stages of digital transformation maturity are laid out clearly, enabling both partners and customers to identify where they are in their transition. By understanding what stage a business is at, plans can be put in place to strengthen certain areas and make the necessary changes to move forward.

Digital Transformation Overview

How can HPE Pointnext services help?

Digital transformation isn’t always easy, and there certainly isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach that partners can take. It’s more likely that you’ll need to support a variety of different projects of all shapes and sizes. Businesses will be looking for partners that can demonstrate innovative approaches, with proven experience and the ability to draw on a large partner ecosystem.

HPE Pointnext services are designed for the future, built on a heritage of services leadership. Pointnext is all about making hybrid IT simple and powering the intelligent edge, to accelerate digital transformation and give your customers the power to take on bigger and better opportunities.

Tech Data’s HPE team offers huge expertise around HPE services, and can help guide you to the right services and connect you to the right people. We’ll work with you to ensure your own service opportunities are maximised and your customers enjoy the best returns from their investments.  Find out more and access relevant resources, tools and promotions here.

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