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Keeping it Simple – Why Resellers Love Nimble

Posted: 25 August 2017 By: HC Categories: Storage


Keeping it Simple – Why Resellers Love Nimble

by Hannah Corby. HPE Marketing Manager - Tech Data UK.


Flash, the single biggest storage technology shift in 20 years, has rapidly established itself as the new normal in the storage field. We are seeing the emergence of a new kind of buyer who wants a radically simpler storage experience and prioritises this over all other potential attributes of storage solutions.  They want storage that is simple to buy, use and upgrade while still delivering high-performance – and without compromising features and reliability.


That, at the highest level, is what the new Nimble Storage Fast 5 solution offers to end customers – and why for resellers operating across the storage solutions channel today, it represents a great opportunity to enhance the breadth and depth of their product portfolio and tap into new incremental revenue streams.


HPE certainly has faith in flash storage, having acquired Nimble Storage earlier this year in a deal that strengthened HPE’s leadership in hybrid IT – and when you dig beyond the headlines and consider in more detail the breadth of benefits that Nimble delivers both to resellers and end customers, that faith is clearly well directed.


Nimble Storage Fast 5 is reliably fast, featuring high-performance and scalable all-flash, hybrid flash and secondary flash arrays with >99.9999% (six nines) measured availability across all models. Added to that, it boasts modular and simple scalability with non-disruptive scale-up and scale-out.


In addition, Nimble can support a multi-cloud environment. It is ideal for hybrid IT because it provides a single architecture with unified data services, common management and mobility across all flash, hybrid flash on-premises and public cloud. Nimble Cloud Volumes, an enterprise-grade storage service for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft® Azure, make Nimble arrays cloud-ready. It is also efficient and scalable. The solution features industry-leading flash efficiency with always on inline deduplication and compression to achieve up to 5X or more data reduction at the perfect price/performance/capacity sweet spot. Added to that, it boasts modular and simple scalability with non-disruptive scale-up and scale-out.


One of the big value-adds for partners is the opportunity (if customers agree) to get access to InfoSight predictive analytics, which uses cloud-based analytics and machine learning to automatically resolve 86% of problems before a customer is even aware.1 Having access to InfoSight is great news for resellers as it allows them to instantly understand their customer’s environment and help guide them, enabling them in turn to establish a trust-based relationship.


The other major benefit of Nimble Storage in this context is that it’s simple. We have already seen that customers love that but it’s also great for partners enabling them to sell in install services and increase margins while remaining competitive against more complex solutions.  It’s simple to position, size and quote and all-inclusive licensing means that there is limited scope for any issues.


Added to all this, as a distributor, Tech Data is ready to support resellers in their sales campaigns. Tech Data helps resellers in identifying, scoping and closing opportunities. It can help deliver product evaluations and proofs of concept, enabling partners to sell with confidence. 


So, if you are a reseller interested in driving enhanced revenues and efficiencies in the storage technology market, don’t hesitate – get on board with HPE’s new Nimble Storage Fast 5 solution and work with Tech Data to deliver a raft of benefits to your end customers. It’s a simple but winning decision to make.


1 Based on analysis of Nimble Storage customer support data. 

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