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Introducing HPE OfficeConnect

Posted: 25 August 2017 By: JB Categories:

HPE Addresses Gap in the SMB Market with OC20

Any reseller that works with SMBs will recognised the pressures they face. For many – estate agents, plumbers, small law firms, health clubs, for example – their main line of business has nothing whatsoever to do with technology, yet their network is their lifeblood. Few can afford to employ an IT manager – and so they are often depend on a good relationship with their IT partners to ensure advice and practical help.

 They also depend on products that are simple to deploy, with a quick and intuitive set up. Products that they can then rely on to run with little intervention. However, without the budget of a large enterprise they often have to resort to entry-level products that are not always as streamlined and trustworthy as their more expensive counterparts.

 This is the gap in the market that HPE aims to address with the HPE OfficeConnect Switch Series – a 1920S advanced managed gigabit switch series optimised for small business customers. It’s the best of both worlds – an affordable solution which has the quality, reputation and experience of HPE behind it plus HPE’s Lifetime Warranty. Its plug and play design means it operates straight from the box with no configuration needed and it can be easily managed via the web.

 As part of this series, HPE has recently launched its equally affordable OfficeConnect OC20 access points. This should prove a popular sell to small businesses that rely on their WiFi access to keep operating. As well as providing speeds of up to a full gigabit, up to eight OC20 access points can be set up to work together to deliver optimal signal strength throughout the one premises.

 Importantly, these OC20 access points can be easily set up using a mobile app available on all major mobile platforms. Easy-to-follow prompts mean that SMBs can get network access for employees within minutes without expert help. Fast, simple and good value – everything a small business needs to avoid any major upheaval to their main operations.

 Users can also set up access for guests with all the necessary security in place via the app and set guidelines for both employee and guest access. For example, they can block access to malicious websites and provide protection against online threats. All this can be managed from the ‘single pane of glass’ on the app.

 Many professionals or trades people running small businesses may not have in-depth technical know-how, but they do have smart phones and tablets. They expect technology to streamlined, simple and almost instant and they are quite happy to set it up themselves if it is intuitive and straightforward.

 However, they also expect complete reliability – despite the fact that pressure on networks is set to rise with the increasing use of mobile, the cloud, the Internet of Things and rising volumes of digital data. HPE’s OneConnect meets these criteria and will help the channel grow and consolidate their small business customer base, secure in the knowledge that their customers are getting good value – and quality.

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