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Hyperconvergence for unpredictable growth

Posted: 2 December 2019 By: Tech Data Categories: Tech Data Value, Storage

For the majority of VM administrators, there’s one goal: to control system complexity, VM sprawl and costs, while delivering on both modern and older applications. In recent years, they have been able to leverage hyperconverged infrastructure to meet these challenges – delivering an ideal architecture for workloads that allows compute and storage to scale together.

New HPE Nimble dHCI storage extends the options for VM administrators ever further. It introduces the hyperconverged experience to organisations with unpredictable growth, where future applications and consolidation benefit from compute and storage being able to scale independently of each other.

The latest version of Nimble disaggregates compute and storage, integrating hyperconverged control for simple management on a flexible architecture. Powered by HPE InfoSight, dHCI delivers unrivalled simplicity for virtualised environments translating into fast application performance, always-on-data resilience, and greater resource efficiency.

15-minute rack-to-apps

Now, organisations can get a full stack infrastructure spanning compute, storage and networking within minutes – a process that can usually take days. Ongoing management is also simplified within VMware vCenter®, and planning is made easier with HPE InfoSight’s resource forecasting across multiple tenants.

Designed for 99.9999% data availability

HPE InfoSight’s predictive analytics capability allows organisations to control VM sprawl, and keep applications running quickly and nonstop. It quickly diagnoses performance problems and identifies the root cause, driving an 85% auto-resolution across its installed base.

Designed for 99.9999% availability, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI means automated quality of service, advanced data integrity, and native snapshot backup and replication protecting on-premise and cloud.

Zero wasted resources

Featuring independent performance and capacity scaling, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI provides flexibility across varying workloads – from transactional databases needing performance to data warehouses needing extra capacity to avoid costly overprovisioning.

Up to 21x data reduction

The HPE Store More Guarantee provides more data per raw terabyte versus competitive arrays, with customers typically achieving flash storage reduction savings up to 21x.

Tech Data’s HPE storage specialists can support any hyperconvergence opportunity to ensure better business outcomes for both partner and customer. Leverage our storage strength in depth, our integration skills and unrivalled vendor ecosystem to maximise returns from HPE Nimble dHCI projects.

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