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Connect to Tech Data’s leadership in data science. We’re harnessing the value in our vast data assets to identify lucrative new business opportunities. From spotting end-user business leads to delivering powerful sales support insights, our data science approach will have an increasingly positive impact on your growth and profitability, ask us what it can mean for you.

Have a look at our Simplivity landing page, download the Simplivity Fact Sheet & get the chance to receive a HPE end user lead!

-Incentive period: 12/03/2018-30/04/2018
-Our analytics can track if you have downloaded the Simplivity Fact Sheet page
-You will be contacted by Tech Data if you have won
-Landing page:” the content you need!

Discover powerful, thought-provoking content to support with your social media strategy!
The Tech Data marketing team will make sure you’re well placed to take advantage of HPE. Pay particular attention to all the content on, our pan-European web platform that’s now rebranded and packed with all the content and resources you need.

Ready to publish Social content!

New this year our Content Hub offers partners a wealth of ready to go marketing material, just login and pick up all the content you need to go-to-market instantly. From ready-to-publish social media posts, to email copy to bullets for customer presentations, you can easily access this information here. For another way to go-to-market easily, the Tech Data Social Tool is updated daily with new social media posts for partners to review and publish instantly.


If you’d like more information about any of these initiatives and how to grow your HPE business in 2018 please get in touch with your local Tech Data Advanced Solutions team trough