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Enable a more productive workforce with HPE Proactive Care

Posted: 23 September 2015 By: Anna De Santis Categories:

Business today is conducted anywhere and everywhere, with mobile technology and wireless connectivity enabling a far more flexible and productive workforce, as well as ensuring a better user experience for customers, employees and partners. To gain and sustain a competitive advantage, the modern organisation needs to support 24x7 universal access, seamless communication and high-performing applications, without compromising data security. 

In reality though, the cost of meeting user expectations is proving a major strain on the budgets and resources of organisations that are still reliant on an inflexible and complex legacy infrastructure.  Desk-bound workers and wired networks are limiting rather than enabling a more productive workforce, whilst inadequate support for mobile devices is resulting in a significant security risk, as frustrated employees try to work around the problems.  When your customers choose to invest in new technology that can resolve these issues, they also need to think about how they will support their new environment. 

HPE offers technology services throughout the whole lifecycle to help your customers transition to IT solutions that can support the new style of business effectively, With solutions such as Proactive Care Services and Installation and Start-up Services, HPE is the ideal partner for enabling workplace productivity, with extensive expertise across servers, storage and networking, and Alliance partnerships which include Microsoft, Citrix, and VMWare. 

HPE Proactive Care has been specifically designed to help customers efficiently address the operational challenges that arise within converged and virtualised IT environments.  Proactive Care helps to keep business-critical applications up and running, optimses operational performance and end user productivity for the best possible return on IT investments, and enables customers to innovate and grow with confidence – secure in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure will be up to the job. 

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