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Bring cloud agility to your datacentre with HPE

Posted: 31 August 2018 By: Tech Data Categories: Solutions

To ensure they stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market, your customers need an IT solution which keeps them agile and able to react quickly to change. However, investing in more capacity for those ‘just in case’ scenarios comes at a cost that few organisations can justify. 

How can organisations overcome this challenge?

Organisations are constantly struggling to balance the cost of IT infrastructure with the demand for more capacity. A flexible, pay-as-you-go solution could be the answer to supporting growth and innovation, in a way that’s affordable.

Being able to scale up and shrink down capacity in-line with business need enables organisations to acquire new customers with ease. It also makes it easier to service existing customers who want to expand. Whilst public cloud provides the necessary flexibility and scale however, it isn’t the right solution for every business case. To keep control over security, performance and regulatory compliance, an on-premises solution often makes most sense.

Going Hybrid with HPE Flexible Capacity

HPE Flexible Capacity is a pay-per-use, on-premises IT infrastructure solution which gives your clients both the agility and cost-benefits of a public cloud experience, along with the control and performance of on-premises IT. In fact, HPE Flexible Capacity enables a 38% reduction in total compute infrastructure capacity costs compared to the industry average.

With HPE Flexible Capacity your customers can set up IT capacity based on what they actually use, enabling the right balance between cost and business need. Ideal for organisations who see seasonal spikes in demand, or experience peaks and troughs in workflow, the Flexible Capacity model provides access to capacity in a matter of minutes, via the ready-to-use data infrastructure buffer. The result is a public cloud experience for on-premises IT.

How can Tech Data and HPE help?

HPE has developed its new Flexible Capacity solution for when IT demands are unpredictable. A pay-as-you-go solution, Flexible Capacity allows customers to instantly scale up to handle growth without the usual delay due to the procurement process, and without tying up capital.

HPE Flexible Capacity services will allow you to address any budgetary constraints your clients may be experiencing. This can help you build their confidence and develop long-term relationships with your organisation. In fact, these services can also strengthen your cloud business and speed time to revenue. Work with Tech Data Advanced Solutions to identify your clients’ IT support needs and our HPE team will help you find the right solutions for your customers’ requirements and budget.

Find out more about our Flexible Capacity services by reading our white paper, HPE Flexible Capacity: The Path to Hybrid IT.

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