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An increasing number of businesses are turning to hybrid cloud solutions in an attempt to improve agility, reduce costs and fuel innovation. The issue now being faced by organisations is deciding which supplier to call on for help.

Every organisation is different, with their own unique needs, opportunities and barriers. It’s important for organisations to find their own ‘Right Mix’ of private, managed and public cloud solutions - perfectly suited to their needs. This is where HPE Helion comes in.

Benefit from a global network

HPE Helion is a portfolio of cloud infrastructure, software, security and services that can be sized to suit any business. With a network of over 300 specialised cloud builders with deep technical skills and services in cloud architectures, organisations can benefit from HPE’s global scale when it comes to developing and delivering the right cloud solutions.

Access industry leading solutions

HPE participates in some of the world’s leading cloud solutions, underpinning global players such as Microsoft Azure. All HPE Helion customers get the benefits of this pedigree, and experience, even if their solution is much smaller.

Built on open standards based on OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and Docker, HPE Helion is the only solution to integrate Infrastructure-as-a-Service with Platform-as-a-Service, offering solutions that are easy to integrate, deliver and manage. HPE Helion also integrates with HPE Composable Infrastructure for the ultimate in hybrid cloud flexibility and agility.

HPE’s hybrid cloud solutions can help to accelerate IT service delivery, respond to dynamic business needs and market conditions, and drive innovation.

HPE Helion CloudSystem:

A comprehensive hardware and software solution for private and hybrid cloud that speeds up development and makes IT operations more efficient.

HPE Helion OpenStack:

Highly configurable enterprise-grade cloud platform that helps accelerate new business development and drive better business outcomes.

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack:

Integrated hybrid cloud solution that makes it easy to move apps between the data centre and Azure public cloud.

HPE Cloudline Servers:

Built on open technologies to work seamlessly in multi-vendor cloud environments – helping reduce the cost of explosive data growth.

HPE OneSphere:

An as-a-service hybrid cloud management solution that simplifies and streamlines operations - enabling velocity and cost efficiency whilst reducing complex manual tasks.