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It’s the technology we’ve all heard of, mostly because of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but Blockchain has more to offer than this. A tamper-proof, shared consensus ledger establishing the level of trust necessary for the exchange of value, Blockchain records and provides proof every time a transaction occurs, each of which are authenticated and verifiable. 

Blockchain is a landmark change, it is to the transaction of value what the Internet is for information. Delivering better efficiency, less oversight, reduced intermediaries, enhanced privacy and improved auditability; the use cases for Blockchain are unlimited. 

Moving on from its financial beginnings, Blockchain 2.0 will transform business. But current platforms are not built for this evolution. HPE is enabling blockchain for the enterprise, working with customers to deliverexpertise, differentiated architectures, end-to-end delivery and an ecosystem of partners, all enabling organisations to run business workloads on enterprise-grade blockchain. 

Tech Data’s HPE team can support you with an excellent knowledge of the full HPE infrastructure and services portfolio and making the right contacts within HPE and the wider ecosystem.