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For many organisation, unlocking maximum return on their storage investments means making sure their storage networking is keeping pace. This means modernising their storage network to deliver an improved storage networking experience using HPE’s trusted StoreFabric portfolio.

HPE offers the dynamic end-to-end solutions for all-flash storage and emerging NVMe storage, necessary for modern storage network to keep up with today’s storage innovations. Users can ensure storage networking reliability, performance and minimised human error by adopting agile HPE StoreFabric host adapters, multi-protocol switches, highly scalable directors and Smart SAN automation software for their Hybrid IT and cloud-optimised storage.

HPE enables organisations to modernise their SAN fabric at the right price to drive the full potential of flash. Use HPE to update storage networks for lower cost NVMe-Ready performance. Comfortably meet SLAs, gain visibility and reduce errors by automating and orchestrating SAN zoning. HPE’s 32 Gb/s Fibre Channel reduces latency and improves application efficiency.

For Ethernet, use HPE storage networking to leverage high-bandwidth, low latency, NVMe-Ready and industry-leading Ethernet HPE StoreFabric M-series switches, connecting to primary, secondary, hyperconverged, NAS and object storage systems.