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HPE is leading the way in data storage automation and management solutions, speeding up storage provisioning from months to minutes and delivering true infrastructure visibility.

In the cloud age IT ecosystems are expanding and evolving rapidly and for many. Data infrastructure automation is becoming an essential approach to maintain pace with this growth.

HPE is addressing this need via powerful toolsets to automate and manage HPE data storage for cloud, DevOps, virtualisation and containers. The tools enables users to provision, monitor, and automate storage operations from VMware vCenter and vRealize, Microsoft System Center, OpenStack, configuration management tools and containers.

HPE solutions for storage management eliminate error prone manual tasks and automate repetitive storage operations. Users get granular control of storage infrastructure via virtualised and container management tools, alongside self-service access to storage featuring a portfolio of configuration management tools, APIs and language libraries.

Storage automation for DevOps

Give developers control to programmatically control storage infrastructure with a rich set of APIs, software development kits, and ready-made blueprints for faster storage integration with popular configuration management tools.

Storage data services for containers

Use HPE to deploy stateful container applications for Docker, Mesosphere, and Kubernetes environments using certified storage volume plug-ins.