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Your customers’ mission-critical applications demand the highest levels of performance, availability and disaster recovery and HPE XP7 Storage has been designed to meet this challenge head on.  Its array-based virtualisation increases availability, simplifies DR and improves resource utilisation by helping to eliminate storage silos.  What’s more XP7 storage achieves all this whilst delivering the lowest cost of ownership in its class.

Thin Provisioning

HPE XP7 Smart Tiers Software and Thin Provisioning provides quick, automated flexibility for dynamic business environments.  Buy what’s needed today, configure capacity for the future and allow HPE XP7 Storage to automatically monitor and adjust to meet changing needs.

Disaster Recovery

Your customers need to protect their data and continue doing business, whatever may happen.  HPE XP7 Storage supports clustering solutions that allow remote mirroring to be integrated with a high availability server cluster, providing multi-site disaster recovery.

Security without compromise

XP7 high performance storage software is designed to provide always-on data protection, without compromising availability.  HPE XP7’s encryption capability minimises the risk of data loss or unauthorised access – protecting end-of-life data by completely deleting data on a specified volume.

Less Latency

HPE XP7 Flash Modules deliver the highest performance levels and lowest response times for even the most demanding application workloads.