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Your customers are facing new levels of IT cost and complexity and need to find new ways to simplify their infrastructure – making best use of what they already have, whilst also ensuring high availability, security and straightforward management.  Software Defined Storage (SDS) allows organisations to create an open pool of shared storage capacity from whatever standards-based hardware they currently have (or will acquire), then use standards-based APIs to drive orchestration between storage resources and the rest of their IT environment.  The result is:

  • 80% lower capital investment
  • 50% less footprint
  • 60% lower energy costs.

HPE is the only storage provider with an open SDS solution that can be easily deployed and expanded to grow in line with customer demands. The HPE and Intel solution uniquely supports any environment , whether its running VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Linux KVM, OpenStack, or a combination of these. HP’s software-defined storage solutions help businesses who desire an enterprise class solution (even on a limited budget) to maximise their return on investment from server virtualisation.

HPE’s Software Defined Storage solution building blocks include: