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The new MSA 2052 series of storage systems deliver twice the performance of the previous generation, making flash storage simple and affordable for small and remote office deployments.  

  • Application Acceleration
  • Advanced Data Services
  • Expanded Data Protection Features
  • Future Flexibility with data-in-place upgrades 

Don’t just take our word for it though. When StorageReview tested the MSA they concluded that it: “can certainly compete outside of its weight class”.  Read the whole review here.  

The MSA 2052 delivers over 220,000 random read IOPS and saves 40% with the all-inclusive software suite and 1.6Tb of flash capacity included. That’s a compelling value proposition for customers that need fast and affordable storage.  

The system boasts expanded data-protection features and instant recovery via virtualised snapshot technology. Remote replication with Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI supports affordable disaster recovery to keep businesses running.  

Customers can add SSDs at any time, either as read cache, or performance tiering for both read and write acceleration. Regardless of how the SSDs are deployed, the MSA manages all of the work as workloads change. And no user intervention is required, providing simplicity and ease of use.

The MSA 2052 scales up to 192 SFF or 120 LFF drives (HDDs or SSDs) with a max raw capacity of 960 TBs. The system supports 8/16Gb FC, 1/10GbE iSCSI and now includes 12Gb SAS host connectivity. The MSA 2050 is a truly flexible solution with data-in-place upgrades ensuring investment protection.

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Which customers will benefit most from MSA 2052?

If your customer needs seriously simple and affordable flash storage, the HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage provides the perfect solution. A hybrid flash system designed for affordable application acceleration for small and remote office deployments.  And don’t let the low-cost fool you. The MSA 2052 combines levels of simplicity, flexibility and advanced features you wouldn’t expect in an entry-priced array.

How can Tech Data help me open up conversations?

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