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Welcome to HPE Nimble advanced flash storage for Hybrid IT, featuring industry leading predictive analytics and global support.

  • Nimble is faster – Use it to accelerate Hybrid IT, deploying flash for any mix of on/off-premise workloads
  • Nimble is smarter – Use it to detect and prevent issues, and assure 6-nines uptime for Nimble and 3PAR via predictive analytics 
  • Nimble is predictive – Built-in InfoSight Predictive Analytics enables users to avoid disruption, leveraging cloud-based predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent issues before impact.
  • Nimble is simple - Nimble provides sophisticated unified storage for the enterprise all-flash datacenter, cloud-ready predictive flash. It focuses on simplicity, with easy low cost flash acceleration, built-for enterprise hyperconverged infrastructure.

Choose from the Nimble portfolio:

Nimble All-Flash Arrays

Nimble All Flash Arrays are unique in being the only predictive all-flash arrays delivering radical simplicity and flash performance within a scalable, cloud-ready platform.

The entry-level Nimble AF1000 All Flash Array is small but powerful, delivering high-end array features at an affordable price.  

  • Combining a flash-optimized architecture with InfoSight Predictive Analytics, this array offers fast, reliable access to data with proven availability over 99.99%.
  • Backed by Nimble’s Timeless Storage guarantee, your customers can avoid paying for optional software, and forklift upgrades are obsolete.


  • Radical simplicity: From deployment to configuration and management
  • Scale-to fit: Scale-up seamlessly to grow array performance and capacity, or scale across multiple arrays non-disruptively in a cluster still managed as one.
  • Auto QoS: eliminates “noisy neighbour” issues by allowing users to set explicit IOPS and/or bandwidth limits.

Nimble Adaptive Flash Arrays

These are the industry’s only predictive hybrid flash arrays delivering radical simplicity and strong performance, within a scalable, cloud-ready platform.

  • Adaptive Flash Arrays unite flash-optimized architecture with InfoSight Predictive Analytics, providing fast, reliable access to data with proven, availability over 99.99%
  • Nimble CS1000 and CS1000H Adaptive Flash Arrays offer value and simplicity for mixed, mainstream workloads, backed by Nimble’s Timeless Storage guarantee
  • Customers needn’t pay for optional software, and forklift upgrades are obsolete.


  • Flash Performance for Mixed, Mainstream Workloads
  • Purpose-built flash architecture offers sub-millisecond response times and greater efficiency than competing hybrid arrays
  • Scale up seamlessly, scale across multiple arrays non-disruptively in a cluster still managed as one
  • Adaptive service levels: Manage service levels at the click of a button
  • Cloud-ready, create multi-cloud environments with Nimble Cloud Volumes

Nimble Secondary Flash Arrays

Put backup data to work on a secondary storage array. Nimble Secondary Flash Arrays simply and efficiently handle tasks such as Veeam backups and disaster recovery. Secondary Flash Arrays also provide flash-optimized performance for development/test, QA and analytics on copy data and production workloads when required. Use these arrays to backup and recover data from primary storage arrays almost instantly. Consolidate with always-on, inline deduplication and compression. Simplify data management via integration with leading availability software for virtualized environments from Veeam.


  • Zero-copy cloning and flash performance enable the use of backup data for development/test, QA, analytics and more
  • Always-on, inline deduplication and compression saves capacity without impacting backup and recovery
  • Flash performance verifies backups quickly, enjoy 99.99% availability when customers need to run production workloads too.

Why work with Tech Data Advanced Solutions for Nimble Storage?

Our HPE specialist teams are experienced in developing and delivering All-Flash and Hybrid-Flash storage solutions. We can support you at every stage in an opportunity, from creation to close. Use our close relationship with HPE to connect to the right answers for your project. Skill up for Nimble at TD Channel Academy or grow your business with our Mentori program.

What can we offer?

Cloud Volumes: A hybrid enterprise-grade multi-cloud storage service to move any workload between public cloud and data centre, for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, that allows global visibility, insights and automation with Infosight. Cloud Volumes is robust, reliable and allows you to make cookies faster. Additionally, it offers more security, allowing you to protect data more often.

What should I be selling?

What’s the convergence opportunity?

Take a look at HPE Nimble storage in the context of data center modernisation and building the next generation datacentre.

Consider how Nimble storage fits into a broader Hybrid IT approach.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Take a look at the HPE Pointnext services portfolio, offering strategic services around storage infrastructure design and tactical solutions around storage Proactive and Foundation care offers.