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Providing the right infrastructure for unstructured data, HPE file and object storage solutions span all types of storage needs, from affordable NAS for file sharing through to petabyte-scale storage for Big Data & software-defined storage.

HPE file and object storage solutions have been created to address the growth of unstructured data and associated requirements around data protection, cloud extensions, future-proof flexibility and software-defined architecture.

Use File & Object storage to safeguard unstructured data using HPE’s resilient and self-protecting platforms. HPE File & Object solutions reduce security risks via native capabilities including: data encryption, sophisticated access controls, file access auditing, file immutability and deletion prevention.

Customers can reap the benefits of a scalable infrastructure with data mobility between systems, sites and public cloud. Any size of business can gain on-site connectivity to Microsoft Azure and AWS enabling off-site tiering, archiving and backup.

HPE File & Object solutions respond to dynamic unstructured data requirements with diverse storage architectures and financial flexibility, adapting to changing workloads and leveraging emerging technologies to remain futureproofed. This includes software-defined storage architectures featuring purpose-built hardware platforms, rolling software upgrades and seamless scalability.

Take advantage of Tech Data’s deep expertise in HPE File & Object storage solutions, with support from project inception through to delivery.