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In a hybrid world it makes sense to employ intelligent storage, built to work seamlessly across public cloud and the data centre, enabling data to move easily across environments.

Intelligent storage means customers can run legacy enterprise and business applications without rearchitecting for cloud native. This makes cloud an option for any workload, from production databases to VMs to backups. Move your data seamlessly between data centres and across cloud providers. 

Why HPE for Cloud Ready Storage:

  • HPE storage solutions built for cloud include all-flash, hybrid, secondary and backup appliances, built with storage APIs that integrate natively with AWS, Azure and other cloud native APIs.
  • HPE native cloud integration reduces the complexities of hybrid cloud using storage APIs that integrate with AWS, Azure and other cloud native APIs.
  • No need for additional hardware and software, as uses can now move data to cloud directly from a storage device interface without hardware gateways or software tools.
  • Efficient, secure data mobility. Use encryption to secure data, reduce bandwidth and storage costs using change block tracking, deduplication and compression.
  • Global visibility of data. HPE Cloud Ready Storage lets users see and manage data across clouds and data centres, predicting and preventing problems while tracking cloud costs.
  • Multicloud storage management. With HPE customers can build, deploy and manage apps on any cloud or infrastructure through a single pane of glass.
  • Automation. Leverage HPE’s integration with containers and configuration management tools including: Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef and Puppet, enabling DevOps and CloudOps automation.

Together HPE and Tech Data offer all the Cloud Ready Storage expertise and resource required to deliver this type of project. Use our knowledge to scope cloud storage projects accurately from outset before seamlessly delivering and integrating into any IT environment.