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In today’s digital-driven, data-dependent world, preventing downtime and protecting and retaining data access is more critical than ever. HPE’s end-to-end data availability, protection and retention solutions enable you to maximise uptime, reduce the risk of data loss, ensure rapid recovery, and archive data in a way that’s cost effective, simple to manage and keeps data both secure and accessible.

Maximise Data Availability:

Ensure near continuous availability for applications and infrastructure by eliminating downtime – within, across and between all-flash data centres -

  • HPE 3PAR - Flash-optimised data storage systems that modernise your data centre to handle unpredictable workloads effortlessly.
  • Nimble Storage - Intelligent, self-managing flash storage in the data centre and cloud.
  • HPE XP7 Storage - provides top performance, extreme availability, easy consolidation capability and provides 99.99999% uptime on your data center storage infrastructure.

Optimise Data Protection:

HPE’s data protection solutions are designed to meet the complete needs of any size and type of business, across physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments -

  • HPE StoreOnce - Physical and software defined appliances built for cloud.
  • HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) - A fast, simple and affordable application-managed, storage-integrated, end-to-end data protection solution.
  • HPE Cloud Bank Storage - Cloud and flash-integrated data protection and archiving solution.

Improve Data Retention:

Reduce the long-term cost of retaining data - minimising business risk by keeping data effectively archived so that it stays securely stored, but quick and easy to access on demand -

  • HPE StoreEver Tape Storage - Proven enterprise tape backup and storage solutions that retain your valuable data for longer and for less, as your business data continues to grow.
  • HPE Scalable Object Storage - Software-defined storage platform designed to lower petabyte-scale storage costs and to accommodate data growth.