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HPE and Tech Data are working with organisations of all sizes to build mobile solutions that bring together people and technology from the data centre to the Intelligent Edge, delivering the mobility outcomes business needs to thrive in the digital age. 

HPE simplifies mobility via its end-to-end portfolio of software, infrastructure, network management and unified communications, providing products, services, and specialist support to enable success. Tech Data’s HPE specialists also offer unrivalled knowledge of HPE technology across the entire mobile environment, alongside a vast ecosystem of complementary vendor technologies for mobility solutions that work seamlessly from outset.

HPE solutions for mobility include:

IoT solutions - Edge computing delivering secure control and accelerating time to insight from the Industrial Internet of Things.

Location based services - Bridging the virtual/physical gap with location analytics, wayfinding and proximity campaigns that engage employees and customers in new ways.

Network security - Protect your digital workplace and gain visibility and control to proactively respond to gestating attacks to ensure the security of your business.

Mobility solutions that enable organisations to:

Profit from digital insight at the Intelligent Edge - The rapid expansion of IoT connected devices presents a unique opportunity to gain faster insights by connecting the unconnected and finding new ways to drive efficiencies, engage customers and develop new business.

Bridge the physical and digital with smart workspaces - Facilitate simpler: meetings, ad hoc collaboration, desk hoteling, visitor experiences and facilities management with an HPE digital workplace.

Providemodern customer experiences - Personalise offers and product information using location-based services. Enhance customer experiences with apps for specific tasks, and industries.

Make business smarter - Develop smart workplaces by bridging the physical and digital with actionable intelligence to boost employee productivity and efficiency.

Connect the unconnected - Computing at the intelligent edge reduces delay and bandwidth consumption whilst driving new efficiencies, engaging customers and developing business.

Offer secure digital collaboration - Scale up quickly and securely, and ensure secure collaboration and productivity across campuses and remote offices. Increase productivity and empower users with anywhere, anytime collaboration from any device.

Create a Mobile First digital workplace - Enable organisations to seamlessly move to a: modern, all-wireless, digital, mobile-first workplace with unfettered mobility and enterprise-class security to organisations of any size.