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HPE is fully SMB focused. With HPE and Tech Data SMB customers can plug into the same IT advantages as the largest enterprise. They also get access to the right partners, who will share the burden and maximise budgets, taking the pressure off any size of IT team.

Now SMBs can take a fresh look at IT projects including:

  • Driving greater productivity via collaboration and mobility
  • Improving customer experiences and profitability by leveraging data assets 
  • Delivering IT flexibility through IT modernisation and automation

HPE can help to take the guesswork out of selecting the right mix of products and services for your customers’ changing business needs.  The Just Right IT programme has been designed to help you identify the ideal converged infrastructure solutions for every customer, at every stage along the growth path – making it easy to choose the right storage, servers, networking and services every time.

Designed for customers ranging from the smallest businesses to emerging enterprises, the Just Right IT portfolio of solutions will help you to stay engaged with their business objectives and IT requirements.

Like every organisation today, your SMB customers are looking to close the gap between business demands and IT delivery, whilst keeping technology as simple, reliable and affordable as possible.  They need to compete on a level playing field with bigger organisations to meet customer expectations, but have limited time, resources and budget available to invest.

HPE’s Just Right IT programme has been designed to meet this challenge head on – helping you to engage with your customers at a strategic level, to ensure that the IT solutions you propose will succeed in meeting their specific objectives.  Just Right IT solutions are focused on helping organisations to ramp up quickly and with confidence – driving maximum business value and accelerating return on investment, both today and into the future.

To help your customers increase productivity:

In today’s increasingly mobile world, using the power of technology to ensure employees stay productive and in touch with their teams is more important than ever.  It therefore comes as no surprise that 74%  of all organisations are accelerating their adoption of unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) solutions – helping to support the influx of smartphones and tablets, whilst ensuring a consistent and secure user experience.

Whatever stage your customer is at and whatever their plans for the future, HPE has the answer through its portfolio of solutions – from HPE Flex Solutions for UC&C with Microsoft Lync, through to right-sized converged infrastructure solutions for UC&C environments.

To help your customers grow their business:

The likelihood is that your SMB customers’ IT and management teams are under increasing pressure to ensure fast and easy access to a consolidated view of how the business is performing.  They need both historical and real-time accurate data that can help to determine what needs to be done in order to drive increased revenues and profits. 

In today’s data-driven, digital world, all the information they need to better understand and respond to the needs of their customers and prospects is out there – it just needs harnessing.  By investing in a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, your SMB customers can benefit from:

  • 4x faster workload performance to transform the business – growing revenue, margin & share
  • 66x faster service delivery with simple automation – saving admin time and reducing errors
  • 14% better memory performance to speed processing of data queries.

HPE Just Right IT Solutions can enable customers to use their valuable data for competitive advantage - delivering affordable and straightforward business intelligence solutions to help your customers apply their information in a meaningful way.

To help your customers reduce costs:

Your SMB customers are faced with the challenge of delivering the right solutions at the right time to optimise business productivity, whilst also minimising cost and complexity.   With limited budget and resources, it’s essential that they make the right investments at the right time to support business innovation and growth, which is where HPE’s Just Right IT (JRIT) programme comes into play.

The key to reducing costs is maximising IT efficiency and availability. HPE JRIT helps SMB companies do this with solutions like virtualisation that deliver more compute power in less space, reduce data centre footprint to lower facilities costs such as power and cooling, and increase operational efficiency. Virtualisation also enables your customers to move workloads to virtual machines - increasing uptime at both the network and application level, which translates to significant cost savings.

Enabling your customers to consolidate their IT, optimise efficiencies and build a change-ready IT environment, HPE’s Just Right IT Flex Solutions are the most cost effective way to invest in a virtual IT environment, delivering:

  • Right-sized solutions that ensure your customers only buy what they need
  • Flexible solutions that will grow with their business
  • Cost-effective leasing and financing options

To help your customers keep their business up and running:

The increased adoption of virtualisation, cloud and mobility is introducing a number of new data security and management challenges for SMBs.  This means your customers need to take a fresh look at how they standardise their infrastructure, provision services, and manage the network.

HPE’s Just Right IT solutions are specifically designed to help your SMB customers optimise security, continuity, and compliance with technology that is easy to deploy, manage and scale.  HPE delivers a comprehensive range of right-sized next-generation server and storage systems, backup and recovery for both physical and virtual environments, unified wired and wireless networking products, as well as tools to ensure that mobile devices are securely on-boarded, provisioned and quarantined.

What should I be selling?

Server solutions: HPE offer cost effective servers that will accelerate your IT service delivery whilst increasing capacity. Our solutions are simple and scalable to suit any small to midsize business environment. The new range of HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers give SMB’s innovative ways to increase performance, speed time to market and gain market share.

Data Storage solutions: The right IT environment allows companies to meet that data challenge head on. HPE’s data storage solutions provide affordable storage without limitations on capacity, downtime or performance.

Networking solutions: Wired and wireless business-class solutions to accelerate the growth of your business at every stage. HPE offers a range of simple, reliable and easy-to-manage networking solutions that are just right for your business.

Hyper Converged solutions: Effective solutions that allow you to integrate compute and software-defined storage into a single, easy to manage  platform. The more components in a hyperconverged node, the less you have to manage. Hyperconvergence gives you the agility and economics to accomplish complex tasks within minutes instead of hours.