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"According to Gartner, the business value flowing from AI has already raced 70% ahead of 2017 levels to $1.2 trillion in 2018. Much of the money organizations spend on AI goes to decision-support applications; … Gartner estimated that solutions, like deep neural networks (DNNs), will comprise 36% of the market this year. 

Looking ahead… we will also see growth in segments that are relatively small today, like decision automation and smart products. As AI matures, 2019 will also be a year for critical, higher-level conversations about its potential use and application. AI is more than a technology: It's a powerful tool for business, society, and governments. It has the power to do great things, but it can also do harm if used improperly”.

Experience AI Today

HPE helps organisations to realise the value of artificial intelligence and machine learning faster, via practical approaches to create new applications and breakthrough innovations.

Leverage HPE’s AI expertise, know-how and proven, validated solutions alongside HPE Pointnext Services to identify the business case for AI, then speed up design and implementation of an AI strategy. HPE Pointnext delivers AI solutions in weeks (vs months) based on real client projects, via a focused team of data scientists, AI experts and unique IP and use-case blueprints. HPE can plug AI projects into consumption-based models, and manage the technology and cultural change necessary to project success.

A Proven AI Toolkit

HPE accelerates AI adoption using proven solutions and tools that ramp up, optimize and scale AI usage to drive key business outcomes including improved demand forecasting and operational efficiency as well as increased sales.  Use HPE’s proven AI toolset to deploy distributed AI/ML environments in just minutes, running on containers.

HPE BlueData solutions provide a turnkey container-based platform purpose-built for AI/ML and analytics for deployment on-premise, on public cloud or in a hybrid cloud. It delivers one-click deployment for containerized AI/ML, analytics and data science environments.

HPE’s proven experience in AI lets organisations build at scale with less complexity. This is a resulted of HPE’s broad, validated AI portfolio built on an open partner ecosystem and edge-to-cloud architectures. Leverage solutions that are pre tuned, validated, and performance-optimized for AI use cases and ISVs. 

HPE InfoSight monitors the infrastructure stack and optimizes performance, this AI Ops predictive analytics platform uses cloud-based ML to offer global insights into the status and health of infrastructure from a single location.

HPE also offers pay-per-use consumption solutions and pay-as-you-go-models for greater cost control and agility. Only HPE delivers outcomes-as-a-service via HPE GreenLake, using sophisticated metering, financial and services components delivered at the local level.

Tech Data’s HPE teams are already working with our channel community globally to add unrivalled integration and ecosystem expertise within end-user AI projects.