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HPE’s Financial Services experts are working with partners and customers to build IT investment and lifecycle management strategies to accelerate digital transformation and create flexibility for future business needs.

Work with HPE and Tech Data to explore new approaches to IT planning, acquisition and consumption of technology. Innovative funding models are available to maximise efficiency, accelerate innovation, and increase business agility.

Technology investment made simple for SMB

IT budgets and teams are under pressure, stretched across multiple competing priorities. Customers need technology to support growth, they need access to affordable but superior tech, in a way that protects cash. HPE Financial Services are designed to address these challenges by simplifying procurement, maximising existing investments and offering pay-as-you-go options.

Talk to HPE and Tech Data about options for transformation funding, simplifying finances for disruptive IT approaches, accelerated migration and HPE Asset Recovery, pre-owned and rentals.

The circular economy lifecycle approach allows you to drive more efficient use of energy and materials and manage your IT assets in a secure, compliant, and responsible manner. Designed to minimize waste and capitalise on the value of resources, our end-to-end circular model lets you achieve more whilst still being mindful of your carbon footprint. 

From materials selection to responsible reuse and recycling, you can capture new value from retired assets with a measurable impact on both your business outcomes and the environment.