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Why HPE Proactive Care?

Modern IT challenges are making purely reactive support an outdated model for organisations that need their IT to make a positive business contribution. HPE Proactive Care addresses this issue, proactively consulting with customer and partner IT teams, identifying and planning for issues before they occur, continuously monitoring IT to identify potential enhancements and efficiencies.

In a Proactive Care agreement, HPE works with customers and partners to provide both proactive and reactive hardware and software support elements to ensure End-User organisations get more from their IT investments.

HPE Proactive Care is structured in line with three guiding principles:

It’s personalised: Rapid access to advanced technical expertise, rapid problem diagnosis and resolution, one HPE Technical Solution Specialist provides end-to-end case ownership

It’s proactive: Industry-leading remote support technology enables real-time monitoring, diagnosing and fixing issues early, call logging for reactive support avoids downtime. HPE analysis enables proactive reporting around firmware, patch analysis and infrastructure recommendations

It’s simplified: One point of contact managing a case end-to-end, integrated support deliverables where customers select one of three service reactive hardware support levels. Can be purchased at any time and can cover the entire stack.

Use Proactive Care to increase uptime and stability in industry-standard environments, freeing-up maintenance and operations time, enabling greater focus on innovation and growth.

Why work with Tech Data for HPE Proactive Care?

Implementing HPE Proactive Care requires an extensive understanding of the technology and processes in play. Tech Data’s experienced HPE team can help you scope this solution’s suitability in a specific customer environment and expedite HP’s involvement.

What should I be selling?

Promotions to consider

What’s the convergence opportunity?

Proactive Care is perfectly placed when it comes to opening up a Converged Infrastructure debate with your customers. By it’s very nature Proactive Care is about challenging the status quo and suggesting a better route forward for the IT organisation. When implemented Proactive Care will help you map: servers, storage, networking, services and software into a comprehensive IT roadmap for the customer, creating incremental opportunity in each of these areas.

What's the attach opportunity?

Sell HPE Proactive Care alongside other consultative and transformational HPE services such as:

  • HPE Datacentre Transformation Services
  • HPE Energy and Sustainability Management Services
  • Converged Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Consultancy Service
  • HPE Proactive Insight Experience
  • Always remember to include HPE Care Pack Services where appropriate

Engage: Interactive Demo for Proactive Care