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The circular economy lifecycle approach allows you to drive more efficient use of energy and materials and manage your IT assets in a secure, compliant, and responsible manner. Designed to minimize waste and capitalize on the value of resources, our end-to-end circular model lets you achieve more whilst still being mindful of your carbon footprint. From materials selection to responsible reuse and recycling, you can capture new value from retired assets with a measurable impact on both your business outcomes and the environment.

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Financing and investment solutions -

  • Flex Capacity: A consumption model for on-premises infrastructure that allows you to pay as you grow. Learn More >
  • Tech refresh: HPE Technology Refresh replaces ownership with predictable monthly or quarterly payments and provides fa shorter, routine refresh cycle every 24-48 months. Learn More >
  • Transition solutions: Trade in existing equipment back to get money for new technology. Learn More >