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The way that your customers buy, pay for and use IT is transforming quickly.  The traditional models of funding infrastructure remain valid, but are now complemented by options to integrate responsive IT consumption models into your customers’ IT investment strategy – making it much easier for them to anticipate and respond to dynamic business change.

The right IT investment funding model from HPE can make your customers' technology and business goals a reality, whether you’re looking to avoid delays, reduce the risk of over-provisioning, lower upfront costs, or simplify the IT procurement process.

HPE Financial Services funding models include:

HPE Pre-Provisioning Programs

HPE’s suite of pay-as-you-deploy delivery models can help avoid delays by having forecasted infrastructure needs shipped, configured, and ready for future business activation — all in advance of payment.

HPE Flexible Asset Return

Reduce the risk of overprovisioning with the flexibility to return a percentage of assets without penalty.

HPE Subscription

Package best-in-class hardware, software, and IT support services with a convenient and simple monthly subscription model.

HPE Accelerated Migration

Shift customers’ existing owned IT to a flexible usage payment model. The change in investment model can unlock cash value from current assets to invest in new IT solutions.

HPE Flexible Capacity

On-site flexible capacity in an “as-a-service” model allows customers to pay as they grow — delivering a public cloud experience, but without having to move away from the control and security of on-premises IT.

Leveraging HPE Financial Services, Tech Data is able to deliver a wide range of investment solutions that that help enhance margins, create bigger opportunities, and accelerate growth.