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Boost HPE server power, speed and endurance with Intel inside

You’ve heard the phrase ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ and that’s certainly true when it comes to your business-critical server environment.  Whether it’s ensuring that you’ve got sufficient processor power and reliability to drive key initiatives such as big data analytics, or enough memory to optimise the performance of data-intensive applications, Intel gives you the confidence your customers need to support business growth.

And it’s not just new server sales that can benefit.  Many of your customers will be constrained by their IT budgets, leading to lengthy infrastructure upgrade cycles.  So when server refresh is not an option, why not explore simple upgrades within their existing environment?

Whether it’s a new server sale or an infrastructure upgrade, there are 3 key opportunities to attach Intel to HPE solutions.  Download our simple Sales Guide to explore these in more detail:

1.     Start at the heart of the server, with the processor
Including the latest Intel Xeon Scalable Processors will ensure that your customers can take advantage of the latest performance, efficiency and security features, accelerating data analytics up to 5x and reducing TCO by up to 65%

2.     Examine your customers’ storage solutions
Intel solid state drives (SSDs) are built with business-critical workloads in mind – delivering the necessary power and end-to-end protection.  That’s why 50% of workloads will be on SSDs by 2018.

3.     Reach the server’s full potential
80% of applications are now optimised for 10GB connectivity,
so a simple upgrade from a standard 1GB to an Intel 10GB network connection can make a big difference.

Better together

The true value comes when you add all of these Intel upgrades together – optimising your customers’ business-critical IT environment for performance, reliability and endurance to keep up with data demands.

You can download key resources to help you understand and sell the benefits of Intel solutions here, or use our white label campaign assets to take the message straight to your customers.

Your HPE Tech Data Advanced Solutions marketing team is here to support you at every stage.  Contact your local in-country team today.

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What should I be selling?

Including the latest Intel Xeon Scalable Processors – available in 4 configurations to ensure the best fit for every workload:

  • Platinum: Industry-leading for mission-critical and hybrid cloud, real-time analytics and AI
    (CPU cores: up to 28 / Socket configurations: 8+ / Memory: up to 12TB)
  • Gold: High performance and advanced reliability for data centre, hybrid cloud, network and storage workloads
    (CPU cores: up to 22 / Socket configurations: up to 4 / Memory: up to 6TB)
  • Silver: Hardware-enhanced performance for mid-sized and growing organisations
    (CPU cores: up to 12 / Socket configurations: up to 2 / Memory: up to 1.5TB
  • Bronze: Performance-optimised for small business and basic storage servers
    (CPU cores: up to 8 / Socket configurations: up to 2 / Memory: up to 1.5TB)

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

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What’s the attach opportunity?

Download our simple sales guide to see how you can attach Intel solutions to HPE sales, as well as upgrading existing customer environments