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HPE is the Smart Choice for x86 server environments

Growing uncertainty around the future of competitors’ x86 server platforms makes HPE the smart choice for customers that are increasingly reliant on their IT environments to support end user productivity, business growth and innovation.

With 100% commitment to the x86 server space, 75 years of innovation and 25 years of server industry leadership, HPE has an unbeatable value proposition:

  • 70 consecutive quarters as the top IDC vendor for x86 servers
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for blade servers, storage and enterprise LAN
  • Rated #1 for performance with VMware, SAP and SPEC Benchmark
  • Innovations that drive down cost and complexity and enable convergence

As your customers transition towards the new style of IT and areas such as mobility and social become increasingly business-critical, the way in which they deliver, manage and maintain their infrastructure to optimise business value will be key to their success. With so many businesses running on x86 servers, having an enterprise class support partner with the experience, expertise and proven commitment to stay ahead of emerging IT trends is invaluable. HPE leads the industry in this respect – identifying IT trends and delivering the right IT support strategies to enable and support the latest multi-vendor environments effectively.  

With recent acquisitions in the x86 space resulting in a gap between the multi-vendor expertise your customers rely on and what other vendors and service providers are capable of delivering, HPE’s unique ability to provide a single point of accountability that reduces cost and complexity is an extremely compelling proposition.

Work with Tech Data Advanced Solutions to help your customers optimise the investments they make in their x86 server environments by using the power of HPE's industry-leading automation, expert proactive planning and advice, and rapid problem resolution effectively.  Use HPE solutions to help drive customers’ strategic initiatives around Cloud, Virtualisation, Mobility and Big Data – supporting their transition to hybrid IT environments.

What should I be selling?

Help your customers to optimise the investments they make in their x86 server environments by using the power of industry-leading automation, expert proactive planning and advice, and rapid problem resolution effectively.  

With a proven commitment to supporting multi-vendor IT environments, HPE Pointnext Services are the clear choice for your customers – offering consultancy, migration and converged support solutions that no other vendor can match.

Use Tech Data’s iQuote tool  and FlexAttach options to ensure you identify the best solutions and maximise the upsell and attach opportunities on every sale.

Promotions to consider

What's the convergence opportunity?

The latest generation of HPE ProLiant Servers help to transform IT environments with an unprecedented set of innovations that drive a self-aware and intelligent converged infrastructure. Costs and complexity are minimised and performance is optimised, with the ability to provision in minutes, process in real time, and scale efficiently for any workload.

HPE BladeSystem with OneView provides customers with a consolidated infrastructure and single management platform – enabling them to deploy faster, at lower cost, and at greater scale, whilst minimising complexity.

HPE ConvergedSystems provide all-in-one, integrated systems that make it straightforward and cost effective for your customers to invest in game-changing technology.  Pre-tested and pre-configured, HPE ConvergedSystems include all of the servers, storage, networking, management and third party software needed - ensuring fast and efficient deployment, optimised performance from day one, and the best possible returns on investment both now and into the future.  

What's the attach opportunity?

Use the JustRightIT program to help identify the right mix of products and services to meet a customer’s specific business needs.  You can also access the latest FlexBundle solutions from HPE, using Tech Data’s iQuote tool and the FlexAttach program to quickly and easily optimise the attach and upsell options you include with your quotation.  


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