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In order to remain competitive, businesses are searching for solutions that enable infrastructure modernisation. IT departments need the agility to deliver results and the ability to secure their digital assets, all while still offering value for money.

For organisations seeking to accelerate business insights across a hybrid world of traditional IT, public and private cloud, having the next generation of servers holds the key to success. And when it comes to the next generation, HPE is leading the way with its Gen10 servers, the world’s most secure industry standard servers.

Why will customers be looking to move to Gen10?

Businesses need to maximise their agility in order to consistently deliver results. HPE Gen10 servers make it easier to quickly adapt IT to meet changing requirements with Intelligent System Tuning, HPE Scalable Persistent Memory, and server networking and storage advances.

Gen10 servers also provide the security to protect digital assets. Unique security features, down to the silicon, offer best-in-class innovations in firmware protection, malware detection, and firmware recovery.

Finally, Gen10 servers offer customers economic control for their bottom line. Organisations have the ability to pay only for the server resources they use, scaling on-demand without ever over-provisioning or incurring unmanageable costs. Flexible payment models align with business outcomes and can scale based on unpredictable future needs.

What should I be selling?

  • Use Gen10 as an opportunity to talk to your customers about upgrading their 1Gb ethernet networks to 10Gb ethernet – ensuring they can take full advantage of new performance features
  • Maximise Gen10 performance by attaching HPE Server Options, such as additional memory, storage and power supplies, to enhance security, reliability and efficiencies across different workloads
  • Enhance Gen10 server performance and reliability with the latest HPE storage solutions
  • Accelerate and simplify server refresh programmes and digital transformation initiatives with innovative HPE Pointnext Services
  • Work with HPE Financial Services to make it affordable and straightforward for your customers to transition to the latest Gen10 technology without delay

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