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Helping to deliver on the new style of IT, HPE Moonshot is the world’s first software defined web server  - designed to accelerate innovation while delivering breakthrough efficiency and scale.  Delivering optimum performance for specific workloads, these servers share management, power, cooling, networking and storage to drive significant cost and efficiency benefits.

HPE Moonshot Systems include 4 primary components:

  • HPE Moonshot Server Cartridges
    Servers optimised for lightweight workloads such as web serving, cloud and hosted desktop infrastructure.
  • HPE Moonshot Chassis
    Supporting shared power, cooling, management, and fabric for 45 individually serviceable hot-pluggable server cartridges, the Moonshot 1500 reduces cost and complexity.
  • HPE Moonshot Uplinks
    The uplink module delivers flexible, low-latency uplink connectivity to simplify current and future deployment for the HPE Monnshot system.
  • HPE Moonshot Switches
    The switch module provides a dedicated, low-latency 1GbE bandwidth path to each node in the Moonshot System.

A fully populated HPE Moonshot System holds up to 45 Moonshot Server Cartridges in a 4.3U

HPE Moonshot 1500 chassis.  HPE Moonshot Starter Systems are available at a lower entry cost than a fully populated system – delivering a complete system in a box, pre-configured with 15 server cartridges, uplink and switch modules and power supplies.  Customers can then scale incrementally through the addition of Moonshot Server Multipacks that each include 15 server cartridges.  

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

Delivering on the New Style of IT makes convergence an increasingly compelling solution for your customers - future proofing IT infrastructure, reducing cost and complexity, optimising productivity and return on investments and ensuring faster time to value.  Focus on HPE ConvergedSystems and Software-Defined Networks and Storage solutions that will support their strategic initiatives.

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Use the Just Right IT program to help identify the right mix of products and services to meet a customer’s specific business needs.  You can also access the latest Flex Solutions from HPE, using Tech Data’s iQuote tool and the FlexAttach program to quickly and easily optimise the attach and upsell options you include with your quotation.