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HPE’s comprehensive portfolio of rack-optimised servers delivers the performance, resiliency, and scalability your customers need to support business-critical workloads.

HPE ProLiant DL Gen9 and Gen10: Secure and versatile rack-optimised servers that provide the perfect balance of performance, scale and manageability.

HPE Apollo Servers: Purpose-built for high performance computing and big data analytics – delivering breakthrough performance, affordability and reliability in a small footprint.

HPE mission-critical x86 servers - Unlock data’s hidden value and power the critical apps and databases

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Why Rack Servers? 

75% of developer teams will include AI functionality in one or more applications by 2018. 40% of all digital transformation initiatives will be enabled by AI by 2019. 100% of all effective IoT efforts will be supported by AI capabilities by 2019. On an economic basis, there is great appeal in the concept of machines performing tasks originally given to human beings. An effective AI can process information faster than any human brain, therefore an AI ‘workforce’ could prove effective in ways not possible for human staff.

Software-defined infrastructure is composed by fully virtualised compute, networking and storage resources that can be managed as software. It is not tied to specific hardware and can operate with little human intervention. This model allows various critical IT functions to be fully automated.

Utilising Software Defined Infrastructure your system will reap major benefits, including:

  • Simplified, standardised IT consumption models: Full data-centre virtualisation allows compute, networking and storage resources to be flexibly configured on a per-application basis from commoditised hardware.
  • Automated configuration, back-ups and data recovery: Application-aware infrastructure automatically processes application requirements, security, and disaster-preparedness functions.
  • Ease of management: App-store like management dashboards can be used to provision and monitor software-defined infrastructure.
  • Fully integrated hybrid cloud capabilities: SDI is capable of placing workloads in private or public clouds as appropriate to maintain data integrity while increasing speed and efficiency and, therefore, decreasing costs. 

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