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Migrate from inflexible legacy environments, to flexible, agile IT fit for modern purposes with HPE and Tech Data. Take a closer look at our software-driven solutions that compose IT resources in the data center with the ease, speed, and scale of cloud.

Use an HPE Composable solution to transform IT from being a business support service into IT the engine of value creation. In today’s fast emerging hybrid environments composability enables organisations to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously, accelerating application and service delivery.

Quickly deploy IT resources for any workload, using HPE Composable solutions to drive efficiency and increase control, using software-defined solutions from HPE to manage all infrastructure as code. HPE Composable solutions combine software-defined intelligence with a unified API that in turn introduces customers to powerful tools from the HPE partner ecosystem.

Use HPE Composable to:

  • Reduce CapEx and overprovisioning by optimising all apps and service levels, reducing costs, and freeing up resources using a single infrastructure of compute, storage, and fabric for any workload
  • Deploy at cloud speed, accelerating app and service delivery by precisely composing infrastructure at near-instant speeds
  • Simplify lifecycle operations, reducing operational effort and cost via template-driven, software-defined, frictionless operations 
  • Develop apps faster and more frequently, Increasing productivity and control by automating infrastructure operations and applications via a unified API
  • Leverage a proven partner ecosystem, accessing validated HPE OneView integrations from ISV partners to support DevOps, automation, and IT management initiatives

Tech Data offers extensive knowledge around HPE composable solutions and the services and technology ecosystem required to successfully scope, deliver and implement this type of solution.