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HPE Hyperconvergence is an innovative, scalable all-in-one virtualised solution, integrating software-defined compute, storage and networking into a single, easy-to-manage platform. Use hyperconvergence to deliver the benefits of cloud with the enterprise capabilities of on-premise. 

More than just merging storage and compute into a single solution, hyperconvergence combines the entire IT stack into a software-defined platform, enabling the delivery of complex tasks in minutes rather than hours. 

New AI-enabled hyperconverged infrastructure

HPE SimpliVity with InfoSight is an HCI solution that helps organisations to better manage VMs, data, and backups by providing game-changing insights into system details such as: historic capacity consumption, trends, and forecasts at federation, cluster and node levels.

Key Benefits

Scale VDI resources easily and minimise user downtime

Efficiently store more VMs with HCI’s dedupe and compression capabilities and use the built-in data protection and replication to get users back up and running faster via persistent desktops.

Centralise IT for ROBO 

A hyperconverged infrastructure smooths out platform disparities between sites, creating a common approach to administration, support, deployment and data protection.

Better protect and recover data

HCI employs a distributed model replicating data across multiple nodes, with built-in redundancy to minimise the impact of a lost node on operations and simplify disaster recovery.

Administrator’s guide to HCI

Design the hyperconverged data centre to address the pain points of data centre metrics – like the relationship between performance and virtual machine density.

Architect's guide to HCI

Learn how to architect the hyperconverged data centre, what resources to consolidate and how to mitigate the perceived challenges of hyperconvergence.

Tech Data’s HPE specialists offer unrivalled knowledge across HPE’s broad hyperconverged portfolio and our wider complementary vendor ecosystem, leverage this knowledge to simplify the scoping, delivery and support of any hyperconverged solution. 

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

Delivering on the New Style of IT makes convergence an increasingly compelling solution for your customers – future proofing IT infrastructure, reducing cost and complexity, optimising productivity and return on investments and ensuring faster time to value.  Focus on HPE ConvergedSystems and Software Defined Networks and Storage Solutions that will support their strategic initiatives.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Access the latest Flex Solutions, using Tech Data’s iQuote tool and the HPE FlexAttach program to quickly and easily optimise the attach and upsell options you include with your quotation.