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For a long time IT has been focused on the data center, and more recently the cloud. Now however the action is at the edge, defined as everywhere beyond the data centre and the cloud. This might be a warehouse, the factory floor, a fast food outlet or a hospital amongst myriad other places.  An exponentially growing number of things reside at the edge, this almost infinite list of devices might include: smart lighting, connected building components, wearables or smart meters.

Organisations increasingly want the ability to analyse this data quickly and efficiently, then act on the insights generated to optimise operations, redefine user experiences, improve service standards and adopt new business models.

Technology at the edge

To improve line of business efficiency, organisations are converging Operational Technology (OT) at the edge with enterprise-class IT in the datacentre.  HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems delivers on the promise of converged OT and IT in a single ruggedised system at the edge.

HPE Edgeline converges OT (e.g. data acquisition systems, control systems and industrial networks) at the edge with traditional IT systems. The outcome is less space, less energy, lower costs and higher performance in a converged edge system, all only available from HPE. Edge solutions also enable users to connect OT systems over interfaces such as direct-wired I/O and industrial protocols that don’t exist in the traditional ethernet-based IT environment.

At the same time HPE Edgeline moves uncompromised enterprise IT from the data centre to the edge in a ruggedized design with Intel Xeon compute, up to 48 TB of SSD storage, integrated networking, wired/wireless connectivity to infrastructure, and secure systems management via HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO). This enables organisations to run unmodified (not pared-down) enterprise software applications at the edge with faster response times, improved security and proven reliability. Organisations can run identical workloads in the data centre, cloud or at the edge: containers, virtual machines, databases, and software-defined storage amongst others.

HPE is working with OT industry leaders including ABB, GE, PTC, Keysight and National Instruments, and IT leaders including Microsoft, SAP and Citrix, to offer the most comprehensive Converged Edge OT+IT solutions to End Users. 

Rugged form factor

HPE Edgeline is designed to withstand even the harshest edge environments with a rugged form factor designed for operations in space-constrained and dusty environments and to cope with shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.