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The ways and places in which we work are transforming rapidly. We’ve already gone mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) is high on the agenda for many organisations. Cloud and user-owned mobile devices, alongside changing worker preferences and demographics, are driving demand for a new type of workplace.

Aruba and HPE call this the “Smart Digital Workplace.” By 2020, the smart digital workplace will be the de facto approach to next generation buildings and end-user technology for all organisations. These smarter environments require a new approach to IT, one powered by a Mobile First Architecture.

Being Mobile First means:

  • Moving from a wired ethos to designing networks with mobility in mind
  • Workplaces that are open, offering collaborative workspaces and intelligent meeting rooms
  • Non-stop networking that’s performance stringent
  • Secure networks that are IoT ready and analytics driven
  • Open solutions that are multi-vendor and API centric
  • Autonomous networks that are: automated, analytics led and policy based.

IoT is redefining experiences between people, machines, and facilities:

  • IoT is driving digital transformation and enabling organisations to gain faster insights by connecting the unconnected
  • Smart digital workplaces contain a growing array of interconnected IoT sensors and gateways, generating large volumes of data. These systems are interoperating in real time, providing sophisticated data analytics and improved user experiences to end-users
  • From location-aware spaces to smart furniture to user-aware comfort controls, IoT is enabling a new generation of auto-adapting, occupant-centric workplaces
  • Research (Memoori 2016) predicts over 11 billion IoT devices will be in smart workplaces by 2021. IT is looking for solutions that enable this new paradigm, without increasing complexity or costs.

Bringing any mobility and IoT solution to life requires more than the technology

Access all the expertise, experience and resources required to deliver a seamless, profitable mobility or IoT solution from HPE/Aruba, Tech Data and our channel community. From developing the right strategy to scoping and delivering a solution, our experts are on hand to move the opportunity forward.

Building your Mobility and IoT business practice is simple with Tech Data. Engage our Mentori programme and TD Channel Academy resources to develop a roadmap and acquire the right skills in this market. Our enablement toolkit is also on hand to help you go-to-market and build pipeline.

What’s on offer?

Together HPE and Aruba offer a world-leading, end-to-end portfolio of mobility and IoT infrastructure, software, services and support, alongside a global ecosystem of vendors and specialist partners to ensure seamless delivery.