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Using Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) to locate assets and improve efficiency can be a financial and compliance lifesaver for today’s customer-focused organisations. Electronically tracking assets allows organisations like hospitals and large retailers to better manage what they have, streamline staff efficiencies, and reduce loss, which in turn improves customer satisfaction and bottom line savings.

Aruba’s Asset Tracking solution uses Aruba Meridian software and pairs Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled Aruba Tags with BLE-enabled wireless access points (APs). The APs act as observers to provide the sensory network that completes the solution. This combination allows customers to easily locate assets and goods, while getting more value from their existing wireless network.

Aruba’s Asset Tracking solution:

  • Improves asset utilisation, resulting in improved capital expenditure and management of idle assets
  • Increases staff efficiency by automating inventory management and search processes
  • Streamlines operational decision making, leading to improved workflows and customer satisfaction
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by leveraging a customer’s existing Aruba WLAN
  • Provides straightforward visual map views so that assets can be located easily
  • Enables mobile support so staff can find items while on the go - average latency is under 2 minutes
  • Delivers open architecture and makes APIs and SDK available - allowing for integration with existing solutions