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Deliver fast, reliable Wi-Fi performance, boost network efficiency and support the growing mobile and IoT density demands on your customers’ networks.

Access Points (APs)

Aruba 802.11ac wireless access points deliver superb Wi-Fi performance.  They can be deployed as controller-managed or controllerless Aruba Instant APs - depending on the design, scope and scale of the wireless network.  The comprehensive portfolio includes:

Aruba 330 Series APs: 802.11ac Wave 2 that scales up to multi-gig for extremely high-density environments

Aruba 310 Series APs: 802.11ac Wave 2 APs that provide fast gigabit speeds and superb user experience for mobile and IoT devices in dense environments

Aruba 270 Series APs: These innovative APs deliver fast and reliable 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance under any weather conditions


Mobility Controllers offer network optimisation IP services and policy controls, while simplifying the integration of security and enterprise application platforms:

Aruba 7005 Mobility Controller: Entry-level branch office

Aruba 7008 Mobility Controller: Entry-level branch office with added switch ports

Aruba 7010 Mobility Controller: For branches requiring switch ports

Aruba 7024 Mobility Controller: Medium-size branch office

Aruba 7030 Mobility Controller: Medium to large-size branch office

Aruba 7200 Mobility Controller: Next-generation networking platform, optimised for mobile application delivery to ensure the best mobility experience over Wi-Fi

Aruba 7205 Mobility Controller: High performance for the small campus

Aruba 7210 Mobility Controller: Excellent scale and performance

Aruba 7220 Mobility Controller: Ultra-high scale and performance

Aruba 7240XM Mobility Controller: The ultimate in scale and performance

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