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Today’s small business, surviving and thriving in the digital economy, needs seamless access to applications and data. From independent café’s to small professional practices, HPE OfficeConnect is breaking down Wi-Fi barriers for customers with no IT expertise on the ground, offering business grade Wi-Fi at consumer grade simplicity.

Sized for organisations with between 1-99 users, OfficeConnect spans HPE Access Points, Smart Switches and a Mobile App for simplified management. Use it to enable video, voice and cloud applications, to simplify delivery of front and back office applications and to provide high quality guest access. OfficeConnect provides enterprise grade security and encryption, protecting data without the need for specialist expertise.

Use HPE OfficeConnect for:

  • The 83% of SMBs with no IT staff, who need simplicity when setting up and managing wireless
  • The 43% of small businesses primarily using smartphones to run operations
  • The 65% conducting back-office work (accounting, bookkeeping) via cloud based apps
  • Low-density wireless environments that don’t need to scale to Aruba Instant yet.

Tech Data’s HPE networking specialists offer extensive knowledge of HPE and Aruba’s product and service portfolio, we can help you to develop new OfficeConnect opportunities and provide support at every stage in a project, from first qualification to profitable delivery.

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