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Get the edge with Aruba ESP and Tech Data

In this new era of big data, it’s more important than ever to adapt the way we process and protect our data in order to keep moving forwards.

With Aruba ESP, the industry’s first AI-powered and predictive platform, businesses can move their data closer to the edge than ever before.

It’s an innovative, go-to-market solution that combines automation, unification and security with financial flexibility to procure better business outcomes for partner and clients.

Plus, with Tech Data you can access the latest expert training and services, as well as a range of flexible finance options.

Ten fast facts about Aruba ESP

Learn everything you need to know about Aruba ESP in ten simple steps – including what it is, how it helps customers and why it’s important.


How does it work?

Aruba ESP combines AIOps, a unified infrastructure and Zero Trust Security with Aruba financial and consumption flexibility to help businesses get the edge. Find out more below.

AI, machine learning, a 360º network and user-centric telemetry data capabilities reveal network issues before users are even aware that there is a problem. The solution’s insights show root causes and often recommend or automatically take action to help IT move faster and improve the end user service experience.


Aruba ESP was designed from the ground up to deliver edge-to-cloud secure connectivity – all managed by Aruba Central. By unifying all wired, wireless and WAN network operations, data from branch, campus, data centre and remote worker locations can be managed through a single pane-of-glass – whereas competitor solutions can require up to 5 different platforms and interfaces.

Zero Trust Security protects against advanced threats from both inside and outside of an organisation’s network perimeter. By sharing information with other security platforms, the solution adapts and protects against new threats, while dynamically adjusting policies to endpoints on the network. Role based access control also allows employees to work from home by extending the corporate network to the remote Edge.

Flexible Financing and Consumption Options

With Tech Data by your side, partners can get the edge with various flexible financing and consumption options for Aruba ESP – helping businesses to keep moving forwards, even in uncertain times.

HPE GreenLake for Aruba: Network as a Service

A flexible service delivery that provides a ‘hands-free’ NaaS experience, whilst freeing up funds and resource

Aruba Managed Service Providers

Streamline onboarding, reduce IT workload, optimise networks and stretch budgets with Aruba MSP

HPE Financial Services

Flexible financing to assist with equipment acquisition, including payment deferral and equipment recycling

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