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Software Defined Infrastructure

Defined as computing infrastructure entirely under the control of software with no operator or human intervention, HPE Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) consists of fully virtualised compute, networking and storage resources, logically pooled and managed as if they were software.

Why choose this approach?

Software-defined infrastructure can be hardware agnostic and operated with minimal human intervention, allowing many critical IT functions to be fully integrated and automated.

Major benefits include:

  • Simplified IT consumption models: Full datacentre virtualisation allows compute, networking and storage resources to be flexibly configured on a per-application basis from commoditised hardware
  • Automated configuration, back-ups and data recovery: Application-aware infrastructure automatically handles application requirements, security, and disaster-preparedness functions
  • Ease of management: App-store like management dashboards can be used to provision and monitor software-defined infrastructure
  • Fully integrated hybrid cloud capabilities: SDI is capable of placing workloads in private or public clouds as appropriate to maintain data integrity while increasing speed and efficiency and decreasing costs.

Software-defined, composable infrastructure

Composable infrastructure is a new approach to architecture allowing users to deploy IT resources quickly and for any workload via software-defined infrastructure. It combines this software-defined intelligence with a unified API that incorporates powerful tools from the HPE partner ecosystem.

Software-defined infrastructure services:

  • The HPE Transformation Workshop for SDI accelerates business and IT stakeholder consensus, planning, discovery and the transformation journey
  • HPE Readiness and Roadmap Service for SDI defines current and future state solution and builds the roadmap of projects for IT infrastructure, people and processes to bridge the capability gaps
  • HPE Architecture and Design, Service for SDI, followed by implementation services will speed-up design, deployment and architectural process leveraging HPE’s SDI Reference Architecture.

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