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In the world of hybrid IT and the Idea Economy legacy infrastructure often leaves administrators struggling to solve even the simplest business requests; from allocating compute to satisfy application demands to quick delivery of DevOps environments.

HPE Synergy is uniquely capable of solving these modern IT puzzles, providing a single, powerful composable infrastructure platform that’s perfect for managing today’s workloads and enabling tomorrow’s opportunities. 

Now your customer’s IT teams can leverage an HPE Synergy platform that:

  • Leverages software-defined intelligence to accelerate operations through a single interface, composing and recomposing logical infrastructures at cloud speeds
  • Provisions composable resources alongside their state and operating system image, using repeatable templates to accelerate delivery
  • Scales easily, using auto-integrating infrastructure to effortlessly assemble building blocks of compute, storage and software to exactly match business need
  • Delivers open integration - a unified API and single line of code simplicity to provision composable infrastructure means customers can now choose from and integrate popular third-party management tools.

Get ahead of your competitors, take HPE Synergy’s market leading capabilities to your customers now and solve many of the puzzles they’re already facing in the delivery of modern IT operations.

Now you can confidently approach HPE Synergy and composable infrastructure business, using Tech Data’s proven HPE expertise and in-depth resources to create, develop and close profitable opportunities in this high growth market.

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