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HPE SimpliVity is a simple to manage, enterprise-grade hyperconverged platform created to accelerate application performance, improve efficiency and resiliency, backing up and restoring VMs in seconds. 

Use HPE SimpliVity to: 

Simplify operations via policy-based, VM-centric management alongside powerful automation and intelligence.

Enable seamless data mobility, making development teams and users more productive. Customers typically see 91% increase in time for innovation (

Eliminate third-party data protection, using built-in backup and bandwidth-efficient replication to deliver the highest levels of data integrity and availability.

Leverage data efficiency to improve application performance, release storage capacity and speed up backup and restore. Users typically benefit from average data efficiency improvement of 52:1.

Scale easily, using HPE Composable Fabric software-defined networking in the HCI stack, scale up to 16 nodes/cluster and 96 nodes/federation. Offer 3 to 40 TB nodes for storage capacity, with 60% faster orchestrated upgrade speeds.

HPE SimpliVity solves key business challenges:

  • Prepare business for disaster recovery, via built-in data protection and a simple, automated recovery process
  • Minimise data centre footprint. Placing all IT infrastructure below the hypervisor on a scalable x86 platform reduces data centre devices by 10:1
  • Protect data much faster than legacy solutions. Built-in, end-to-end data protection means HPE SimpliVity cuts storage and bandwidth requirements, whilst increasing recovery points and delivering enhanced VM protection
  • Reduce VDI costs without compromising performance and resiliency. Deploy more virtual desktops using less hardware; with SimpliVity it’s simple to add nodes when adding desktops; then globally backup, restore or clone VM’s in three clicks or less
  • Enable cost-effective scalability for remote and branch offices, via built-in data efficiency and protection for ROBOs, and centralised management in a single, unified solution
  • Offer HPE SimpliVity as a natural fit for hybrid environments, delivering the cost benefits of public cloud without the risk of moving data offsite
  • Maximise hyperconverged returns, as HPE SimpliVity delivers twice the performance of hybrid solutions with half the latency, at 20% less cost than competitors. 

Tech Data’s HPE compute and infrastructure specialists will help you to scope, progress and deliver any SimpliVity opportunity. Leverage our broad vendor ecosystem to ensure seamless integration into any environment.

Use the Tech Data HPE Enablement Toolkit to build your pipeline and capabilities around HPE SimpliVity and other advanced solutions.

For more information, download our infographic: Believe the hype with HPE SimpliVity and Tech Data