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Hyperconverged solutions have been increasing in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With the cost and complexity involved in traditional IT leaving businesses with limited free time, there has been a growing demand for a fast, flexible and agile solution to help fuel innovation.

This demand presents a new and exciting opportunity for partners, allowing you to unlock new business and help your customers deliver significant operational and financial benefits. Tech Data Advanced Solutions and HPE are on-hand to help you take advantage of this opportunity with HPE SimpliVity, the industry’s only ‘built for enterprise’ hyperconverged offering.

Combining best-in-class infrastructure, automation, and cloud management software with an industry-leading software-defined data management platform, HPE SimpliVity is a powerful, simple, and efficient hyperconverged solution.

How do your customers benefit?

With HPE SimpliVity, customers get a fast and powerful solution, with always-on deduplication and compression, that guarantees 90% capacity savings across storage and backup.

Purpose-built for virtual environments, HPE SimpliVity helps simplify operations and boost efficiency, with up to 49% TCO savings over three years, compared to Amazon Web Services. And with all IT infrastructure under the hypervisor layer in a single building block, it allows customers to reduce data centre devices by 10:1 and TCO by 73%.

What puts HPE SimpliVity ahead of other solutions?

When it comes to hyperconverged infrastructure, HPE SimpliVity has positioned itself as the industry-leading solution, working hard to gain an advantage over the competition. Here are the top 5 reasons why HPE SimpliVity wins:

1) Average 40:1 data efficiency equals lower cost and higher performance

HPE SimpliVity guarantees 10:1 efficiency, whereas competitor’ solutions provide only a fraction of this, with deduplication and compression significantly slowing performance.

2) Accelerated data efficiency equals more efficient use of compute and storage

HPE SimpliVity improves storage performance by eliminating redundant write operations. With other vendor solutions, data efficiency competes with business applications for processor power and deduplication fails to eliminate redundant write operations.

3) Enterprise-grade resilience equals less downtime and lower cost

HPE SimpliVity achieves enterprise-level resilience with just two nodes. Competitor’ solutions demand additional nodes to ensure enterprise-level resilience - driving up hypervisor license costs and power consumption, imposing an additional 50% storage and 25% performance overhead.

4) Superior native backup and disaster recovery—no add-ons required

The built-in backup and DR of HPE SimpliVity delivers 10-minute RPO and 60-seconds or less on average for local backup or restore of a 1 TB VM—guaranteed. The recovery time for alternative solutions means that their customers still need to rely on third-party backup - incurring additional cost and without the speed or convenience of HPE SimpliVity.

5) HPE SimpliVity and vCenter integration—simple to learn and use

Anyone who knows vCenter can get going with HPE SimpliVity in minutes. Other vendor solutions force you to learn and use their proprietary tools, resulting in a more complex environment with yet another pane of glass to manage.

Tech Data’s HPE team is always on-hand to help you find, develop and deliver business opportunities for hyperconverged solutions. We can help you build your in-house knowledge and skills and develop a growth plan around this solution. Get in touch with your Account Manager to find out more.

For more information, download our infographic: Believe the hype with HPE SimpliVity and Tech Data