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HPE Edgeline converges Operational Technology/OT (e.g. data acquisition systems, control systems, industrial networks already in place at the edge) and enterprise-class IT into a single, ruggedised system delivering datacentre-level compute and management at the edge.

This solution reduces footprint, energy use, operating expenses and increases performance in a converged edge system. By shifting enterprise-class IT from the datacentre to the edge organisations can also now run unmodified enterprise applications directly at the edge, delivering faster response times, alongside better security and reliability.

HPE Edgeline offers robust Intel Xeon compute, high-capacity fast storage, high-performance IT/OT wired and wireless connectivity and remote systems management. HPE has created a vendor ecosystem spanning OT industry leaders (ABB, GE, PTC, Keysight, National Instruments) and IT partners including Microsoft, SAP and Citrix, delivering comprehensive Converged Edge OT+IT solutions.

Key features:

Enterprise-class IT

Run full enterprise applications at the edge (not pared-down edge versions) and identical workloads in the datacentre, cloud or edge.

OT-IT integration

Actuate and control the edge via a single integrated platform combining OT with IT. Connect OT over interfaces including direct-wired I/O and industrial protocols not available in traditional Ethernet environments. 

Edge optimised systems management

Improve uptime and efficiency with innovative edge-optimised management providing iLO-based familiarity and simplicity.

Rugged form factor

Deliver activity in even the harshest edge environments with Edgeline’s rugged form factor, built to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures in the most severe, confined and dusty environments.

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