Business IT is on the move with Aruba Solutions.

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Modern businesses have to manage a growing mobile workforce across multiple premises and locations.


They need to move with the times, integrating wired networks and wireless technology.


They have to provide secure guest access for customers and contractors on the move.


They’re moving their apps and storage off-premise via the cloud.


And as businesses move forward, they need the flexibility to grow their networks, too.


Aruba solutions delivers IT on the move, with simplified networking that just works.


Aruba Instant Access Points are very easy to set up and have business-grade security, resiliency and scalability.


Plug-and-play installation means Aruba IAPs requires no specialist expertise to deploy.

Simple set-up due to automatic configuration

Rapid deployment

Instant access and simple to deploy.

Apps respond faster, devices stay connected, and users experience the freedom to roam.


Business-grade power.

Guarantees always on Wi-Fi. No hardware and maintenance expenses

Aruba Instant comes with automatic RF management that ensures the strongest Wi-Fi connection for all mobile devices.


Built-in RF Management.

Adaptive Radio ManagementTM, ClientMatchTM.

Secures and optimises network paths in real time.

Firewall/Role-based Access. Intrusion Prevention/Detection. App Visibility, Compliance.

And granular visibility into mobile apps prioritizes business-critical data, and keeps out the malicious content.


Built-in resilience.

Site survivability. Uplink redundancy

Aruba Switches Multi-gigabit Ethernet ports.


Allow your network to easily scale as your business grows – future-proofing your investments.


Aruba Gateways and Switches.

High-speed. Multi-gig connectivity

Gigabit Access models feature:

SDN-REST APIs,Airwave, Clearpass, Central, POE+

And the Aruba 2930F supports:

Stacking, SDN, OpenFlow

Aruba multi-gig models: 2930M, Aruba 3810 and Aruba 5400R all feature:

Modular Power and Uplinks, Smart Rate Multi-Gig Ports

Expands and grows with the business

Ideal for midmarket customers. 100 to 999 users

Manage on or off site via the cloud, thanks to Aruba Central – delivering an integrated dashboard view that’s perfect for IT managers on the move, in today’s distributed enterprises.


A single dashboard to manage all your networks.

LAN, SD WAN, Wireless LAN, Extra IOT devices such as video cameras and sensors

Monitor users and applications, identify and control risk, with a simple at-a-glance summary of the network. IT managers can keep tabs on app usage.


Bandwidth usage.

Connection, Network health score, Check delay and failure causes

Client overview

Client count, Bandwidth and utilization, Distribution of client OS

Top clients by usage

Number of network clients, Type of network, Network security, overall list of wired and wireless clients

Top online and offline Aps

Top APs by category, Top cluster details

Monitor by app category, name and web category.

Maintain end to end security, Manage Firmware and ensure compliance, Identify requirements for device or application upgrades

Manage networks across multiple sites.

Chains of outlets or different offices in different parts of the world Manage sites remotely from a separate location. No need for on-site IT Manager

Removing the need for continuous monitoring.

Receiving real time alerts when issues arise.


Four classes of alert:

  • Critical, Major, Minor, Warning
  • Configure alerts from IAPs, Users, Gateways and Switches

Frees up IT Managers to add value elsewhere in the business

  • Focus less on network
  • Streamlining day-to-day operations
  • Allowing IT to take a more strategic view

Identify problems and address issues – on the move.

Connect anywhere, anytime.


Collect data.

  • Produce evidence-based analysis
  • Identify strategic opportunities

Integrate with third parties.

  • AV providers
  • In house catering contractors/retailers

Aruba solutions ensure performance, security and reliability.


So that IT managers can focus less on network, and more on providing value to the business.


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