Wi-Fi Everywhere promotion valid until 31st July 2021

For a limited time only, you can get up to a 38% discount on Aruba Instant On AP22, AP17, and 1930 switch series bundles with Wi-Fi Everywhere.

Easy to set up, managed via an app, and featuring built-in employee and guest access for security, Aruba Instant On is the small business networking solution designed for businesses with limited IT staff.

Providing blazing fast, secure connectivity both indoors and outdoors, it’s perfect for remote workers and small businesses like cafes, restaurants and small offices. Giving you access to excellent, reliable Wi-Fi, from anywhere.

Up to 36% off the AP22

A super-fast Wi-Fi 6 access point providing enhanced performance and higher capacity, the Aruba Instant On AP22 has a maximum data rate of 1.7Gbps. Ideal for reimagined offices, schools, retail, and hospitality businesses.

Up to 26% off the AP17

The Aruba Instant On AP17 is the ideal solution for businesses after strong outdoor Wi-Fi as well as indoor. Featuring a built-in security gateway and app visibility via your phone, provide your customers with a secure, safe network connection.

Up to 23% off the 1930 switch series

Seamlessly integrating with your business’ existing Aruba Instant On indoor and outdoor access points, the 1930 switch series can be centrally managed via the Instant On app, either onsite or remotely, to give you full flexibility.


Every Aruba Instant On access point now comes with a 2-year warranty. So, you and your clients can rest assured that they have a safe, secure, reliable network solution.

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24/7 phone support

Available for the first 90 days

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Online chat support

Available for the whole warranty period

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Advanced replacement service

Next Day Delivery available for first 30 days

Save up to 38% on Aruba Instant On today

Equip your small business with reliable, secure indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi connection for less.