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OfficeConnect Switches

Whether your customers are just getting started or expanding their business, HPE OfficeConnect products provide a secure, reliable network that is simple to set up, easy to manage, and can be maintained with limited IT resources. HPE OfficeConnect switches are reliable, affordable and scalable – from unmanaged plug-and-play solutions, through to advanced smart-managed solutions that deliver enhanced security and performance.

1405 Switch: Entry-level unmanaged switching for office and home – designed for affordability, reliability and low power consumption

1420 Switch: Flexibility for low-cost, reliable, plug-and-play switching, with a choice of PoE+ and 10GbE uplink models

1620 Switch: Ideally suited as an entry-level web-managed solution – keeping low cost and simplicity, but with enhanced network performance and security

1820 Switch: Basic Gigabit Ethernet smart-managed Layer 2 switches, delivering improved network performance, reliability, security and deployment flexibility.  Simple to administer and cost effective to run

1850 Switch: Basic Gigabit/10 Gig smart-managed solution for SMBs requiring increased speed and capacity.  Affordable and easy to manage

1920S Switch: Feature-rich, advanced Gigabit smart-managed switch with static routing and enhanced security.  Optimised for SMB efficiency, simplicity and value

1950 Switch: Designed for demanding SMB environments, these advanced Gigabit/10 Gig smart managed switches optimise performance, security and network redundancy

Work with Tech Data Advanced Solutions to identify, optimise and deliver HPE OfficeConnect Switch solutions for your small business customers – addressing their specific needs to reach new markets and win more deals.  Our HPE Networking specialists will ensure that you maximise margins by presenting clear upsell and attach opportunities – focusing on enabling digital transformation and business growth.

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